We hand craft our products using the finest leathers in the world from our partner Moore & Giles.  Many of these articles are commonly used across iconic couture fashion houses in Italy & France.


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Check out this video series from our partner Moore & Giles to learn more about process of leather making, understanding dye lot variation, and performance characteristics.

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Olive & Wool Leather Articles

Standard Leathers Premium Leathers
Harness Madrid Ellis Mont Blanc
Harness - Standard Price
Featuring an exceptionally soft hand and striking visual richness, Harness is a truly natural leather that exudes quiet luxury and timeless appeal. Crafted in Italy on the finest European raw material, it is inspired by the less-is-more approach used to create the world’s most exclusive saddle leathers. After tanning, hides are dressed with a clear, wax finish to highlight all of the leather’s inherent characteristics and showcase the expressive, natural tones that exist throughout the hides. With time and with wear, Harness will develop a stunning surface patina that will further enhance its authentic aesthetic.
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Madrid - Standard Price
Crafted in Spain in a palette of rich, saturated colors, Madrid is an olive tanned leather with a natural aesthetic that shows off all of the inherent markings and unique characteristics of the hides. After tanning, hides are finished with natural oils with water-soluble lacquer bases to achieve a brilliant polished surface and eye-catching color transparency that immediately draws you in. Madrid is part of our Olive Tanned collection and is Declare, Red List free.
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Ellis - Premium Price
Crafted in Italy on European raw material, Ellis offers a distinctive aesthetic that exudes rich and rugged elegance. It is a full bodied leather with a soft surface that showcases the inherent characteristics of each hide. Dimensions of color and rich pull up qualities throughout the hide provide subtle variations in depth to enhance this leather’s visual appeal.
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Mont Blanc - Premium Price
Mont Blanc’s appeal lies in the combination of its disparate qualities: the firm, solid facade of this entirely masculine leather is suddenly met with surprise once its inherent warmth is revealed to the touch. Tanned in Northern Italy on large-scale English bull hides, this leather carries within it the heritage and artisanship of a highly-experienced tannery. Mont Blanc is a leather for and of the ages: it is genuine and earthy and the profound, rich color flickers to the surface through its multiple layers of finishing waxes.
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