At Olive & Wool, our signature plant-based finish is environmentally responsible, incredibly durable, and easy to refresh.  It contains 0% VOC and has no effect on indoor air quality. 

Each piece is one of a kind.  Our colors are created using natural dyes just like in hand knotted rugs.  These transparent colors do not contain pigment (solid particles).  The inherent coloration of the wood grain used for each piece will cause the color to vary.  


Standard Finishes by species

Ash Finishes:

Boreray A17
Champagne Black
Dalesbred A9
Dorset A4
Hebridean A15
Herdwick A12
Leicester A18
Manx A16
Merino A13
Ash Natural A1
Oxford A10
Portland A6
Ryeland A7
Shetland A3
Texal A11
Welsh A14
Wiltshire A5
Woodland A8


Maple Finishes:

Arapawa M6 Beltex M2 Bighorn M1
Champagne Corriedale M7 Mountain M5
Natural M4 Valais M8


White Oak Finishes: 

*** Heritage is a biological reaction between a natural accelerant and the tannin found in White Oak.  This finish is designed to create an aged effect and makes every piece one of a kind.  No two pieces will ever match.
Barbados W9 Blue Leicester W15 Cheviot W11
Cotswold W4 Derbyshire W14 Gotland W7
***Heritage W13 Icelandic W8 Longwool W16
Najdi W12 White Oak Natural W17 Radnor W3
Romanov W10 Skudde W6 South Down W5
Wensleydale W1 Zwartbles W2


Walnut Variations

Walnut has dramatic color variations from light blonde to rich chocolate.  While we have control over color and grain matches, you should expect to have sap wood (blonde) and heart wood (rich chocolate) mixed.  Any requests regarding heart and sap placement must be custom quoted. 
Heartwood with Sapwood Streaks Heavy Sapwood Heavy Heartwood