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Our History (Subheading)

Hello, We are Olive & Wool. More Heading

Olive and Wool started when Chase, a world-renowned designer with dozens of top design builds and years of retail experience, and Greg, an expert at building and furnishing a number of high-end homes, joined together with their shared frustration of finding unique, modern, and quality-made pieces for a reasonable price.

Located in Austin, TX, we build all of our furniture pieces locally while constantly taking inspiration from the world around us. Olive and Wool captures the idea that the absolute best products result from the marriage of natural materials, inspired design, and fine craftsmanship.

Designed in our workshop.
Made for your home.

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Creating a better living experience

Olive and Wool is dedicated to bringing beauty to our everyday living spaces through unique furniture design. From our Classic Car Collection to our Skogafoss Waterfall line, our passion for fine craftsmanship can be seen throughout everything we create. When you make Olive and Wool a part of your space, you can be assured that you will receive high-quality and authentic pieces that meet or even exceed your expectations.

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The Waterfall Collection

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